The minimum requirements of a Developer

If the online store already has a website, then all or almost all of the technologies used on the site should be present in the developer’s resume. You can check the list with the developer.If the company is going to develop a site from scratch, the programmer should know, one of the most common languages, Python, Ruby, C # and what is PHP? Should know how to use the DBMS, MySQL, PostrgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB. And they should know to work with one of the most common site management systems like Bitrix, UMI, Drupal, ShoppingCart, WordPress. The developer should have the skills to administer Linux and web servers, for example one of Nginx / Apache / IIS or have the experience of hosting web servers in Cloud platforms AWS, Google Cloud, Asure.The lack of these skills does not mean that he is an amateur. It just does not suit you.

Correspondence meeting

Signs of a weak programmer can be identified even before the interview on the resume, having studied the portfolio. If the programmer has indicated his work, you should open them in Google Chrome, go to the menu section of the browser in additional tools, select the item developer tools and open the console tab. Then go to travel on the site as an ordinary visitor, open several pages, try to ask a question through the feedback form or fill the order basket. If errors appear in the console they are automatically highlighted in red and this is a bad sign. Perhaps it’s not the fault of a particular developer, if they worked in a team but the team as a whole does not paint it.

Swam, do not know

Naturally, practical experience is of great importance. If in an interview in response to questions about past developments, the candidate swims and cannot explain their own actions, it is worthwhile to be on the alert.For example, a programmer talks about developing a system using MySQL but cannot name alternative technologies and the reason that they chose this one. A competent specialist will be able to tell in detail about developments and explain why they used specific technologies.

Conclusion:  How to check

Ask the programmer questions about the details of past projects and ask why the development was done that way. If the candidate cannot clearly respond there is a possibility that they ascribe the work of the team or other colleagues. In this case, the site owner does not need to understand the intricacies of programming, just ask clarifying questions.Another important point is the candidate’s ability to speak human language. A good specialist will be able to explain the work in simple words. But if the competitor speaks exclusively terms, it will be difficult to interact with colleagues and the owner of the company.

Exactly how to Select a Surefire SEO Solution For Your Service

you seriously curious about obtaining assured SEO? There are a number of seo
services that ensure your solution leading positions on Google. You will
certainly have to comprehend that no specialist or trustworthy SEO company will
certainly inform you that it is feasible to obtain leading ranking s on Google.
SEO and also increasing internet site in the rankings is rather intricate as
well as additionally includes various elements. Well, if a company assures seo,
below are a number of the standards you must use when employing a company that
has actually ensured to give the lead to
composing internet material.

SEO company must be able to give you with a checklist of their previous
customers with a great deal of satisfaction – remember this, a company that
ensures SEO would certainly be as excellent as the last customer that they have
actually offered with their solution. You should not pay a solitary cent to an
SEO firm for any of their ridiculous fees such as management or established up
prices (yes right!). You likewise require to understand that it definitely does
not take up to 60 mins for any type of knowledgeable SEO company to come up
with a well comprehensive evaluation of your internet website and also to come
up with a proposition for your examination.

Burst Email

you pick to think it or not, Google is still of the program the king or queen of all the on the internet search engines
jasa backlink.
Google has over 60 percent of all the search market in the globe as well as for
no factor need to you approve assurance SEO that consists of any kind of
various another search engine such as
MSN, Yahoo, Live or Bing.

require understanding the approaches that they want to utilize in order to
obtain your firm on the very first web page of Google. There are questionable
approaches to obtain internet websites on the initial web page of search
engines, and also when Google locate out
(they will certainly locate out), your web site might be prohibited!

Top 4 Unique Job Spots and Ideas for Online Freaks

For most
millennials (and some individuals in other demographics), there’s no better
place to be than online and alone— surfing the internet for entertainment,
knowledge, money, to meet people, and a whole lot of other experiences. But
like they say; at the end of the day, it’s all about the pay. What can you do
to make money over the internet while getting entertained?

1. Earn Cash from Bank and Credit Card

Tip: most credit
card brands and banks pay you if you sign up? Unlike the old days when they
gave gifts, today you’ll earn cash.

But these bonuses
come with some requirements— on average, you must have deposited a given amount
into that bank account or spent a certain amount on that credit card in the
first 3-4 months of opening.

For example, the
Chase Freedom Unlimited card offers unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all the
purchases you make. Plus, spending $500 within your first three months of using
the card earns you a $150 bonus. You also enjoy zero annual fees, and their
cash-back rewards do not expire.

2. Make Money from your Smartphone Photos

Engage yourself at
parties and nights out by taking snapping photos of friends and other people.
It’s an excellent way to interact with people.

Plus you can later
upload them to an app Foap which you can download on your iPhone or Android and
sell them on the Foap Market. The deal is a 50-50 split with Foap for every pic
you sell, and there’s no limit to the how many times you can sell a photo.

3. Earn Commissions by broking Cash Advance

Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Agents are people like you who work to
link business owners with online money lenders. 

It’s simple, but it
requires an interest in business and a little understanding of what you are
selling. For example, you can help First American Merchant sell their Merchant
Cash Advances. These are instant loan solutions, so they have a ready market
because businesses are always in search of immediate funding. And to ease the
job for you, FAM offers a range of MCA products so you can be sure you’ll have
whatever it takes to convince a business owner.

On top of the
regular percentage, they offer commissions and bonuses.

4. Watch videos for money

Yes! You could
start getting paid for watching videos at Swagbucks. The videos are in all
sorts of categories, though you won’t earn much (up to 150 rewards points per

But you could earn
up to $90/month if you mute your computer and let Swagbucks play videos on a
different tab.

Wrapping Up

Explore these
unique methods of making money online while surfing the internet. It’s an
excellent idea to go for the one that interests you so that you don’t get bored
on the way.

Author Bio: As
the FAM account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using
independent sales organization solutions. His experience and extensive
knowledge of the industry has made him a finance expert at First American Merchant.

Creative Ideas With the Web Design Options

The Internet has always experienced rapid change and constant development. Technologies and requirements for websites are constantly changing. The wisdom applies here like never before: Who does not go with the time that goes with the time.Especially companies that offer their products and services on the Internet should and must meet these requirements in order to remain competitive. Websites that were up-to-date a few years ago are no longer able to meet the demands of users, end devices and Google.The term modern web design must therefore be constantly redefined. An up-to-date summary of the main site requirements is provided in this article.

Current criteria for modern web design

  1. Responsiveness

The most important topic in 2016 was the responsiveness of their websites for many webmasters. And that remains in 2017 for a good reason. According to Statista , over 54% of all Internet access now takes place via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).Anyone who deals with the user behavior of website visitors knows their impatience. An annoyed user leaves a badly accessible website faster than he found it. The hard or expensive purchased so the user leaves the site again, due to lack of technical relevance. The answer is Responsive Web Design. This CSS-based preparation of the content optimally displays the website on all end devices. A Web Design Company is there.

  1. Accessibility

Web site accessibility is similar to building accessibility. This is the claim to make websites understandable and readable for everyone. Especially people with physical limitations should be made easily accessible the contents of the websites. But also users who are unfamiliar with the use of the Internet should make it easy to use the websites.Here Google can be presented as an example, because the search box and the search button are clearly recognizable as such for everyone and there are hardly any options other than the search offered. The language-based search feature also makes it easier for people with physical disabilities to use the site.

  1. Code structure

The clear separation of content (HTML) and design (CSS) should be strictly implemented. Google once again sets web standards, because websites that do not consistently implement such or other aspects already mentioned, must fear a lower ranking.However, this also makes sense from a webmaster’s point of view, as it leads to easier expandability (e.g. implementation of responsiveness), adaptability and a clearer structure.

  1. Clarity and readability

Most visitors decide in the first few seconds if they will stay on the site. The most used button in the browser is the back button. These two facts show countless studies that deal with user behavior on the Internet.Confusing sitemaps and menu structures, inconsistent headings (h1 – h6 in HTML), too small text size, annoying sounds, videos or pop-ups as well as too many options for action and distractions ensure a high bounce rate and thus less conversion and bad Google rankings.The requirements that users and Google place on the clarity and readability of websites will continue to increase significantly in 2017.


Understand The best Customer Database Management Process

Formation and maintenance of the client database is not “for show”, but for its effective use is hard work, requiring specific skills and experience. Assign the maintenance of a database of your clients to specialists and as a result you will receive a well-designed database, on which the result of business correspondence and the success of the advertising campaign depend.

  • Effectively interact with all customers and partners of your company
  • Do not spend money on administration and those. database support
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • To achieve 100% protection of information stored in the database
  • As accurately as possible to plan and predict new sales
  • Retain old customers and increase the loyalty of new ones

Moreover, within their competence, careful monitoring and maintaining the relevance of information the address database will be expanded and supplemented as necessary. High-quality processing of the database will always be aware of the changes, and therefore will not allow the effectiveness of your advertising to decline. If you want address databases to always be in order, contact only specialists. Competent database management, prompt and high-quality database processing are two of the leading directions of their activity. They will conduct a set of measures to create the most effective database. The following software is essential there.

They will provide a subscriber box, which will receive requests from your customers (questionnaires, coupons, letters, etc.).

They will process all information received on the box. Check data for accuracy, entering into the computer.

They will provide database maintenance – they can regularly structure the information stored in the database, restore the missing information, check and update the data about your customers and partners.

A mass mailing program implies utmost attention and accuracy, the only way to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of delivery with confidence. By entrusting the database maintenance to us, you will be able to achieve the desired success with minimal cost.

The most important source of income is the existing customer base. And if in the business a decline in sales is planned, then it is necessary, first of all, not to look for new customers, but to deal with existing ones. In no case do not abandon the active search, just recommend that you need to start working with existing customers.

What will it give us?

  1. The minimum time to the result they do not spend time on finding a client and work on attracting;
  2. The possibility of pre-sale of goods / services , as they understand their customers: their profile, possible dissatisfaction with their company, the idea of ​​our company in their eyes;
  3. The possibility of a “warmexit” to new clients – partners and contractors of existing clients, having received contacts and recommendations from existing clients.

How do you find a good online marketing agency?

When it comes to choosing a reputable SEO company, there is a good and a bad way to choose it. Today you will learn about how to choose a good SEO company, a consultancy or agency. Now, the real question is what should you do? Well, simply you are going to understand and learn SEO mechanism behind the SEO techniques. You should find the one who knows SEO better than youbecause if SEO is important to your business, the person chosen will have a major impact. There are many mistakes when choosing the most suitable SEO Company.

Use Google as Filter

To think simplistically is to think that the best SEO Company for you will go on Google in a good position when you look for SEO Agency or SEO Consultant + my city. So if you are looking for the best SEO in town surely the one positioned in the first place will be the best. But unfortunately what happens is that most good SEO companies which are in high demand, those that work hard consistently and get good references do not need to be well positioned for those terms. They already enjoy thousands of clients because by doing a good job they are referred to other people in the form of a recommendation.

Relying on the Best SEO Lists

Many people look for better SEOs in town or better SEO constellation or best SEO companies, best SEOCompany, etc. When you find results you will visit different pages that really are nothing more than aggregators. Their sole objective is to position themselves for those types of searches and then sell those listings to SEO companies and consultants. This model is only good for those who have such a list. But that’s not good for you because you already know that the supposed best SEO companies that appear there have paid to appear there.

Conclusion: Believe that there is a special method

Sit down with all the members of the Marketing department, General Manager and all the relevant positions and ask yourself, what is your goal with SEO? Why do you want to do SEO? Once you have a list of those goals or SEO objectives, make another list with 3 to 5 SEO companies or consultancies.The mistake is to believe the speech of low quality SEO companies that say there are secret methods that nobody knows will take you to the first position. There are NO special methods or secrets in SEO. If you hear something of the type, this is what Google does and they make these secret methods that they cannot explain then exit immediately from the page. If you ask how they does it and they do not tell you how, they flee.

What is user experience?

The term user experience has long been an essential topic among web designers, good at website development. However, a good definition often lacks. However, to give your users a perfect experience with software or on your websites, you should first know what good user experience design is, what a user experience is and what it is all about. UX describes the entire complex experience of a user interacting with a website, app, or any other product. UX design is basically characterized by the knowledge of the target group of a website / app or a product and its requirements and denotes the combination of attractive user interface and a targeted and convincing functionality of the app or website.

Three factors for a good user experience

In the first place is the firmness or steadfastness, simply means that your product has to work. Crashes, downtimes and long load times are a no-go for a good user experience. The user must be able to rely on your product. If you cannot guarantee that, visitor will look for alternatives. Especially in the Web age these are found thanks to search engines within seconds. For almost every app, every one of its purposes and every website there are many alternatives.

Your website or app must provide relevant added value to the user. In an online shop, for example, this can be the products that a visitor desperately wants. On other websites there is a good content whether informative or entertaining is in demand. It must be catchy and easy to memorize. The range of functions must be in line with the requirements of the target group, be up to date and ideally be user adaptable to their usage habits. Besides website development, it is necessary to have a good content. The general rules for good content is to hire the professional good at CMS website design. Only then you will be able to give more attractive content.

Conclusion: Continuous optimization is required

The aim of a user experience design is to give the target group the best possible experience at all times. This means that you must continually improve your website or software to keep pace with the evolving needs of your audience. A simple example, a few years ago, classic websites were still completely adequate. By contrast, anyone who does not offer a responsive design for mobile devices or a native app for iOS and Android today loses important users and ultimately also revenue if the user experience is better with the competition.